Tuesday, 20 July 2010

LSDP in Mexico City

Guia Mexicana de Diseno (http://www.mexicandesign.com/) and Universidad la Salle (http://www.ulsa.edu.mx/) in Mexico City invited LSDP to give a workshop for young designers about social design. Because we like to be hands on and put our knowledge into practice, we set up 8 designers together with an organization which takes care of girls living on the streets of Mexico city “Yolia” (http://www.yolia.org.mx/) to work together intensely during three days, to co-create new rewarding activities for the girls. These activities will help them learn new skills and acquire new responsibilities which will stimulate them to invest more time in their personal development. After the 3 day workshop we left a group of designers and an organization who are willing to work together to make this project happen. LSDP will assess them through the process.

3 days of intense hard work

Project Presentations

Evaluation with the directors

Workshop closing with songs inspired in the girls live's

The goal for the girls involved in this project