Monday, 24 December 2007

Seasons and distances


In the past year, a lot has been said and (finally) learned about global warming, if seasons are really changing, about our traveling habits and how to calculate and be aware of our ecological footprint. But the christmas season seems to offer us always the same, distances become closer.
And we are happy for that.

Monday, 1 October 2007

LSDP presents 'Desycle' at ISWA-2007 congress.

LSDP was invited by the ISWA (international solid waste association) to present the concept the "Descyle' concept and related projects. This was a great opportunity to learn more about how the garbage industry works in many countries. About the different priorities, the management of possibilities and impossibilities. To present ‘Desycle’ in a forum like this was full of challenges at many levels. By the end of our presentation we had many positive reactions about the strategy, the products, and also big ??? marks, which is always good. It makes us dive even more into our objectives and more result driven.
We learned about many other interesting projects, for more information and to download the presentations this would be the link.
The Gala night was good! We made gala dresses with accessories made of desycled packaging materials, which attracted people’s attention. We used this opportunity to make our point ‘The added value of design to waste and the waste industry. We had a chance to meet all garbage professionals in a more relaxed atmosphere and the dancing was also good!!
In conclusion. Garbage is a boring subject, and it keeps on being presented in a boring way, our mission: make it interesting, inspiring and FUN so we all take ownership of this situation and grow towards a more proactive behavior.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Desycle Foundation

LSDP has registered the ‘Desycle Foundation’ in Amsterdam, the goal of this foundation is to:
Support and stimulate projects and/or activities related to sustainability and waste problems in the broadest sense and promote social cohesion within neighborhoods.

Board Members are:
Industrial designer Arno Wolters
Communications expert Anna Pauzenga
Sustainability expert Kajetan Hetzer

‘Desycle Foundation’ will become an important exchange platform for environmental and social subjects. There will be room for different organizations, companies, professionals and people to participate with their knowledge and skills to improve living conditions.
The first project of the foundation « Desycling in Nieuw West » will take place in February 2008 in Geuzenveld Amsterdam and Westerpark. We’ll keep you posted. For more information contact us at, see also: